Telegram Messenger App Tricks

Telegram Messenger entered the market in 2013 as a potential competitor to WhatsApp and since then this messaging app has been growing at a steady pace. Recently, the company announced that they achieved 100 million active users across iOS and Android. Approximately 350 thousand users sign up with this messaging app every day. The main focus of Telegram Messenger App is on speed and user privacy. In this article we will discuss a few Telegram Messenger app tricks to make your experience more enriching.

#1. Keep your messages hidden by turning off the preview feature

While the message previews under notifications of great use, it compromises your privacy to some extent. If someone is using your phone or sitting next to you, he or she can easily see your private messages but not anymore.
You can turn off the preview feature of the messaging app to hide your messages. To do this, you need to go to Telegram Settings  Notification and Sounds Turn Off the ‘Message Preview’ function.
While WhatsApp only offers thus feature on iOS and Windows Phone, with Telegram messaging app you can use this feature in all the mobile platforms.

#2. Create your own simple GIFs

You can boast about your skills by creating your own GIFs and sharing them with your friends on chat. To do this, click on attach a file, select the video option and record anything you want. Now save the video and trim it to the size you want and click on the mute button. You video will be looped and keep playing in a GIF fashion.

#3. Touch up your pictures before sending:

You don’t need a photo editor to be able to add stunning effects to your photos before sending them to your friends or family members. You can now edit the images from within the Telegram app. To edit photos, you need to attach a file; select the desired image from the folder and it will straightaway take you to the photo editor where you can make the desired changes by cropping the picture, adjusting, brightness, contrast and other special effects.

#4. Set special colors and custom notifications

Telegram messenger app allows you to choose custom colors and LED colors for different contacts. So, you can know who has sent you the message by simply looking at the type of notification of color. However this feature is only available for Android phones. To activate this feature, go to the contacts and then tap ‘notifications and sounds’ to make the changes.

#5. Ability to set self-destruct timer

Telegram messaging app comes with the secret chat feature that has some amazing screenshot notifications, end-to-end encryption and other security features. We also appreciate the self-destructive timer on messages which allows you to set a timer after which that message will be automatically deleted. To activate this feature you need to hit on the three dots on the Secret chat window and then select the ‘Set self-destruct timer’ option.

With these smart Telegram messenger app tricks, you will be able to make the most out of your experience of using this amazing messaging service.