Trring – Lock screen for Android Access apps like a landline old-and you’ll love it

Trring-Awesome Lock screen is a screen lock application that allows you to quickly access various settings of your smartphone to a uncomplicated way. With the use of a simple tool, you can activate up to 10 different programs.

The lock screen is to simulate an old landline phone. In this way, you must touch each icon by dragging it by the end of the wheel to activate it. When further from the period, the greater the circular motion that must be done.

Trring-Awesome Lock screen allows users to configure each of the 10 available spaces with any type of program. In addition, a space is reserved exclusively for direct screen release.
You can monitor in the display the date and time, battery percentage and also two lower buttons that let you switch between programs icons features and capabilities of the system, such as enabling or disabling bluetooth, WiFi, data network, and more.

Above you gave a full description on the Trring-Awesome Lock screen and features, find out now what we think of him
Trring-Awesome Lock screen is an interesting lock screen application that allows you to access 10 different programs in a quick way. It simulates an old landline, forcing the spin the wheel to access the settings.

Despite doing a simulation, the idea of the program is quite interesting and it is not just an ode to nostalgia that this device type represents. In fact, the concept ends up being quite useful, organizing several icons in a clever way.

What matters here is that you can access any of the features just by dragging your finger from the app by the end of the wheel, making the opening of each of the very practical and agile programs.

The program is extremely sortable, allowing you to add or replace any of the 10 icons present in the Dialer. In addition, you can change between programs and features, and can also activate and deactivate some features of the OS.

Visual that is not
The look of the program is quite beautiful, with a clock positioned in the top center of the screen, followed by the date. In the far right corner there is a drum sampler and the buttons at the bottom. However, the Dialer just offering a polluted aspect to the Viewer.

This is a very interesting idea, but that can rub a little in visual, especially considering the material and design philosophy – and clearly, Trring-Awesome Lock screen does not fit within the standards.


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