Multi-Screen Voice Calculator for Android Phones

You must agree that the stock calculator in our mobile phones is not good enough for complex calculations. Most of us have a third party calculator installed on out phone so as to make complicated calculations. What if we tell you that the calculator we use also supports voice calculations? Yes, this is right, we came across a calculator which supports voice-based calculation and it also has multi-screens to support multiple calculations so we decided to pen down a review of this app.

Let us now look at the other features of this amazing calculator app.

Features of Multi-Screen Voice Calculator Pro

Voice support – The most amazing feature of the app is that it supports voice inputs. You can simply turn on the mike and speak the expression in natural language. The calculator will convert the language and display the results to you right on your screen.
Dual screen support – The calculator also supports dual screen. It is one such feature which can make calculations easy for you. This feature can help you in getting rid of the use of the memory function of the calculator. In addition to this, you make fewer mistakes and you can perform different calculations on your screen.
Multi-lingual support – You don’t get to see many calculator applications which supports different languages. This is not true for this app as it supports different languages. At present, the calculator supports as many as 15 languages apart from English. Some of the languages supported by the calculator include English, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Polish and many others.
Supports large expression – Another amazing feature of the app is that the calculator supports different types of large expressions just like any other scientific calculator and it always displays the result in whole numbers. Most of the calculator fails at this test but we never had this problem with this amazing app.

General Review

Talking about a general review, the app has not received many reviews but it still has a rating of 4.5 stars. To be precise, the application has been reviewed by about 210 users and a majority of the users have given a 5-star review. In terms of installation, the number is much higher and the application has been installed by over 1000 users since the launch. The simple interface of the app helps the user and hence it turns out to be one of being best calculator app available to users for free.


In terms of compatibility, the application can be installed on any phone that is running on Android 4.0 or above. If you have a tablet running on this OS then you can also install the app on a tablet. This calculator app is quite compact and all these features are packed into just about half megabyte of space.

With all these features you must be looking for the download link for this calculator. Well, below is the download link for your reference and you can install the app using this link.