Voice Changer with Echo Effect

Simple Voice Changer is an application that allows you to transform your voice in many ways scary. In addition to being able to increase or decrease the speed of your line, you can also apply various effects to it, causing the phrases you say appear to have been made by someone else.
Between voice manipulation options offered by the program, are effects that mimic ghosts, witches, mummies, scratches, uivados and even chainsaws. As soon as you select any of them, simply select the Play button to hear a preview of the final result — to save a result, just touch the finger on the button in the form of floppy disk so that it is stored in the memory of your device.

Above you gave a complete description about the Simple Voice Changer and its functionalities, know now what we think of If it is treated as a mere fun and not as a tool really able to scare someone, the Simple Voice Changer is an application that is worth checking out. Besides presenting various effects (each with its own characteristics), the program stands out for being very simple to use.

Simply slide your finger on the screen of your handset to choose among the various filters available, including the possibility to obtain a preview of each one of them. If you like anything, just select an icon so I can burn it in the memory of your device, in a process that always shows quite comfortable.

The only criticism that could be made to the program is the fact that not all effects available are interesting. Especially as regards the option that simulates scratches on a Blackboard, the recorded phrases become unrecognizable and hardly there are stimuli for use this modification.