Magic Call – Prank Dial & Voice Changer: Calling Made Fun

At one point in time, we have all have tried to prank a friend or a relative by calling them from an unknown number or by trying and changing our voice over the call. During such prank calls we have also been caught by our friend and you can’t deny the fun in calling and pranking the friends. If you still love to prank people and if you miss the phone of prank dialing then we found a perfect app for you. The name of the application is Magical Call and the application is basically a prank call app which also includes a voice changer. Let us look at the features of the application in more details

Features of Magic Call
• The application features a real-time voice changer and hence you do not have to worry about not being able to speak to the person in a different voice in real time. You can speak to the person in real time with your new voice.
• The voice available on this application includes a female voice, a kid’s voice, a male voice and the voice of a talking cat. So if you are a girl then you can talk in a man’s voice to prank all your friends.
• There is a lot of fun in recording the call and sharing the call with the friends and this application has this feature for you too. You can simply record the complete prank call and share it with your WhatsApp group with all your friends.
• The calls made through this application gets recorded automatically and you can then listen to the calls by going the recording section.
• Emoji are never going out of fashion and this application has integrated the emoji with your voice. You can now send a voice emoji to your friend.
• In addition to the features mentioned above, you can also hide your identity and make an anonymous call to your friend. This adds to the fun of pranking your friend. It would not be possible for your friend to find out your identity even with help of caller ID applications.

The application is not free to use and you pay as per the usage. In addition to this, if you just installed the application for the first time then you will get few free minutes to call and in addition to this, you can buy credits after trying the application for free. However, it is not at all expensive to use the application and it is the cheapest way to call anyone across the world.
The application is loved by all and in addition to this, the application comes with a good rating. Until now, the application has received a total of 470, 5-star reviews and it has been downloaded by 50 thousand to 1 lakh users. The development team is quick in resolving any issue related to the application and the application only requires a phone with Android 4.0.3