Whistle Now

Corruption is most common in these recent times especially in Kerala. The superiors are violating rules and corrupting. Citizens have many rights regarding anti corruption, but it’s not often implemented because even the rulers and other superiors are involved in corrupting. This normally affects citizens.

“Pinarayi Vijayan” chief minister of kerala launched an application ” Whistle Now”. This application is to prevent corruption and this was inaugurated by Pinarayi Vijayan on world anti corruption day. He intends to implement anti corruption society as fast as possible.

The application of vigilance and anti corruption beurau has been started. Through the application any citizen can whistle if they see any corruption. They can upload it with proof. If it’s approved, it will publish within 24 hours. The personal information of uploader would not be shared in the public.

Yet now public were helpless in the matter of corruption. Because they could see authorities corrupting and they couldn’t do anything except watching it. If they notice this to co authorities they would have to face great trouble because those superiors would be corrupting rather than authorities. The people those who are financially forward they can solve their issues by offering huge amount of bribes but unfortunately poor people can’t do the same they are forced to face difficulties. This application would help them more.

Now it’s time to stop every corruption. Vigilance and anti corruption beurau has been launched the application indenting people’s benefit. Any citizen from kerala can mention the corruption through app if they saw any.

The application is very simple and every common person can use it. After downloading and installing the application, open it. On this time we can see the features of the app, you can swipe to see the next or click on skip to continue using application instantly. Then click on sign up if you don’t have an account already. And give Full name, Nick name, Email and password. Pursuantly choose your district in the location column. You can also add your photo. You don’t want to worry , your personal information is private and would not be shared with anyone.